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Renovations of ferry port and coastal belt on Rab and Krk

A plan to rebuild the ports and coasts of the two Croatian islands is underway. The coast of two important island ports, Kampor on Rab and Glavni Mul (the main pier) on Krk, will be rebuilt. 

The stormy, at times hurricane south wind jugo, which ruled the lives of everyone living by the sea on the entire Adriatic last weekend, left a “memory” to the people of Krk. Under the impact of huge waves that swept the south-facing parts of the coastal area of the city of Krk, the coastal wall of the main pier of the city port separated from the rest of the body of the pier itself. 

The first and foremost is to determine the complete and precise extent of the damage by underwater inspection of the pier, which we will do today with the help of the Krk LLU, already engaged divers. Depending on the findings or recordings that divers will make there, the part of the coast will be secured, but we will immediately start urgent procedures to develop project solutions for repairing damage to the Main Pier, a facility that we will try to repair and make safe as soon as possible.

Goran Lajnert, head of the Krk port authorities

We will certainly have to discuss this issue in the coming days with the City, concluded Lajnert, removing the fears of some Krk people that due to the sudden need to redirect “port money” to the rehabilitation of this facility will fall into the background some already announced and operationally prepared investments in Krk port such as the announced paving works of the Fisherman’s Mule. This mule, on the other hand, last winter, after suffering similar damage, was first statically or maritimely stabilized, and then prepared for the planned “make-up”. These two projects are completely separate and financially unrelated items, so the people of Krk do not have to fear that due to the works that will obviously have to follow soon on the Main Pier, the others will be dropped, co-financing of which has already been agreed with the city administration, Lajnert concluded.

Meanwhile, with the intention of better arranging a part of the coastal zone in Kampor, the City of Rab contracted two years ago to prepare project documentation, and in cooperation with the selected architect defined the optimal solution according to which this planned project will be carried out.

The project of arranging the pedestrian area in the coastal belt of Kamporska Draga envisages the functional and purposefully unarranged and unarticulated belt of the maritime domain to be functionally organized as a pedestrian zone.

The profile of the belt to be arranged consists of a pedestrian path along the coastal wall, a horticulturally arranged belt along the road and a bench to be built along the path. Most of the works within this project relate to the arrangement of the contact line of the road and green belt is performed by road curbs, the arrangement of the contact line of the green belt and pedestrian path performed by park curbs, then arranging the ground floor of the promenade with concrete pavers and levelling the existing coastal wall of stone slabs on the upper edge of the wall.

After we annulled two public procurement procedures for the works, due to the offered prices higher than the estimated value of the investment, the third procedure ended in October this year with the conclusion of the works contract. The contracted value of the works amounts to HRK 1,964,000.00 (including VAT), and the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure participates in the financing of the project in the amount of HRK 1,000,000.00. With the completion of the project, we will improve the communal arrangement and equipment of the coastal zone in this part of the island, and we expect that the project will stimulate the additional arrangement of part of the neglected areas located next to the road to Mel.

Mayor Nikola Grgurić

Source: Morski.hr, Rabdanas.com