The Argonaut Association protects the treasure of Murter’s heritage

The Argonaut Association with numerous volunteers protects the nature and buried treasure of the heritage of Murter. It contributes to the sustainable development of the community by finding innovative solutions in heritage valuation, encouraging volunteerism, cross-sectoral cooperation and the development of social entrepreneurship.

The first thought that comes to mind at the mention of the island of Murter is most likely summer. Anyone who has visited it knows that it is an island at the gates of the Kornati, an island of unusual beaches and bays and an island to which one will surely return again. In addition, the island of Murter is the gravitational island of the densest archipelago of the Mediterranean, which has over 200 islands, islets and reefs.

The second thought should be Argonaut, an association that has been active on this island for 15 years. Through numerous actions and projects, this association continuously contributes to the protection of nature and the environment of the island of Murter and its wider area, discovers, protects and promotes buried treasures rich in cultural, historical and natural heritage and creates new values. Preserved nature and environment are the greatest chance for the development of the island of Murter, which was understood from the beginning by Argonaut volunteers, members and employees made up of young experts from various fields.

Through its activities, the association encourages lifestyle and personal, business and public decisions in accordance with the preservation of nature and the environment. The cultural and historical heritage of the island of Murter is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for them and they are especially interested in the valorization of the archaeological site Colentum, the first archaeological beach in Croatia where they built an attractive scout and a monument to volunteering. Colentum Beach has appeared on numerous digital channels due to “swing”, one of the projects in which Argonauta participated in the conceptual development and which became a real Instagram star.

Argonauta in cooperation with partners and associates for upper primary school students in the island and coastal part of Šibenik-Knin County is developing an extracurricular educational program called “Blue Eco-patrol” which provides an opportunity for systematic extracurricular education on sustainable development. Through this program, the methods of non-formal education and informal learning ensure the added value of the educational program and the participation, active citizenship and social inclusion of children and youth in the social flows of their local communities from an early age.